Li-ion batteries are today’s leading technology in this space, driven by their high operating voltage, up to 5 Volts.  Other technologies, Li-Air, provide higher theoretical capacity operation.

Localized techniques, available on the VersaSCAN platform, are at the fore-front of research to characterize the Li-intercalation mechanisms and Solid-Electrolyte Interface (SEI) formation.

Commonly used techniques used for Batteries studies are:

  • Cyclic Voltammetry
  • Charge & Discharge
  • Capacity vs Cycle time
  • State of Charge/Health & etc.

We offer the following brands:

Ball Mill is commonly used in the physical and chemical analysis of pre-treatment, colloid grinding, the preparation of new materials and mechanical alloying.

High-performance Planetary Ball Mill BM 4 & BM 6 Pro is able to grind samples from mm to nm and ensure its repeatability

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