General and physical electrochemistry encompasses many areas of investigation. These include such areas as fundamental physical electrochemistry, where the focus is on the kinetics and thermodynamics of electron transfer reactions, nanotechnology, or research conducted at the nanoscale, and electroanalysis, which involves the use of electrochemical processes to quantify an electroactive analyte.


  • Electrochemical Sensors
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electroanalysis
  • Electrosynthesis & Electrodeposition

Ball Mill is commonly used in the physical and chemical analysis of pre-treatment, colloid grinding, the preparation of new materials and mechanical alloying.

High-performance Planetary Ball Mill BM 4 & BM 6 Pro is use to grind samples from mm to nm and ensure its repeatability and user safety during operation

High-energy MG100 mortar is used to mix or crush the rigid and soft, brittle or paste samples. The samples can be dry milling and wet milling or frozen grinding. In modern laboratory applications, MG100 has excellent performance not only in processing capacity and in the comfort and safety of operation.

Suitable for typical samples such as soil, tablets, grain, glass, chemicals, food, silicate, biological tissue, yeast cells, etc.

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