Scanning Electrochemical Workstation

In a traditional bulk electrochemical measurement, the current from the entire working electrode is recorded. This gives an integrated response. It is then impossible to distinguish if the sample has a uniform response distributed evenly about its surface; or a small number of sites of much greater intensity.

The VersaSCAN is a single platform capable of providing spatial resolution to both electrochemical and materials-based measurements. Each VersaSCAN is based on a common high-resolution, long-travel, closed-loop positioning system mounted to a vibration-resistant optical base. Different auxiliary pieces are mounted to the positioning system. These ancillary pieces (e.g., an electrometer, piezo vibration unit, or a laser sensor) provide functionality to the positioning system for different scanning probe experiments. VersaSTAT potentiostats and Signal Recovery Lock-in Amplifiers are integrated via ethernet control to make accurate measurements of these small signals.

A Single Scanning Platform and software is used for any of these 7 techniques as below;

  • Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)
  • Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique (SVET)
  • Localized Electrochemical Impedance¬†Spectroscopy (LEIS)
  • Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP)
  • Scanning Droplet Cell (SDC)
  • Optical Surface Profiler (OSP)
  • VS Stylus – Constant Contact SECM

Integration of a high-resolution, long-travel positioning system; different auxiliary pieces, such as measurement probes, piezo vibration stages, laser heads; and superior measurements devices such as potentiostats and lock-in amplifiers make the VersaSCAN possible.

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