SIGNAL RECOVERY is part of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology, and designs, manufactures and sells lock-in amplifiers, signal averagers, amplifiers, light choppers, signal multiplexers, and specialized counters. We have been involved in this business since we started as Princeton Applied Research, inventors of the lock-in amplifier.  This gives us a unique insight into the areas of research in which our products are used and the ability to really help customers solve difficult measurement problems.

Lock-in amplifiers can accurately measure weak electrical signals in the presence of lots of noise, as well as functioning as phase meters, while low noise current and voltage preamplifiers make weak signals big enough to be measured by oscilloscopes, digitizers, and signal analysers. Rotating blade optical choppers generate modulated beams of light subsequent coherent detection, and signal averagers are especially suited to recording Time of Flight Spectra in mass spectrometry.

Superconductor resistance measurement, optical sample evaluation, determining magnetic moment, and electronic filter circuit evaluation are just a few of the many experimental methods than can be improved by using SIGNAL RECOVERY products.

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