For more than 40 years, SIGNAL RECOVERY is part of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technology, and designs, manufactures and sells lock-in amplifiers, signal averagers, amplifiers, light choppers, signal multiplexers, and specialized counters.

We have been involved in this business since we started as Princeton Applied Research, inventors of the lock-in amplifier.  This gives us a unique insight into the areas of research in which our products are used and the ability to really help customers solve difficult measurement problems.

Preamplifier Application

  • Acoustic research
  • Radio astronomy
  • AC bridge measurements
  • Oscilloscope preamplification
  • Hall-effect signal amplification
  • AC signal recovery
  • A Phase meter
  • Noise Measurement unit
  • Spectrum Analyser
  • Optical absorption, reflection and transmission measurements


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Signal Recovery offers a full line of voltage and current preamplifiers including low noise, wideband, and differential input.  All Signal Recovery’s preamplifiers are designed to work with Signal Recovery lock-in amplifiers or as stand- alone signal enhancing units.

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A lock-in amplifier is a type of amplifier that can extract a signal with a known carrier wave from an extremely noisy environment. The lock-in amplifier can in some ways be considered to be a narrowband AC voltmeter, where the measurement bandwidth can be set to be as low as a few milli- or even micro-hertz. As such it is capable of measuring very small signals in the presence of large interfering signals, as long as such interference is not at the same frequency as the signal of interest.

With a wide operating frequency range, a lock-in amplifier can be used to perform swept-frequency magnitude and phase measurements on electronic components and networks, to a much higher resolution than is typical using instruments based on FFT analysis. They are particularly useful for determining resonant frequencies of crystals and cantilevers.

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Model available 7270, 7280, 7225, 7265 & etc

The model 197 is a compact, high performance chopper, offering features and benefits that are ideal for use in modern photometric system.

The unit is self contained, comprising a dual aperture chopper blade, motor and the necessary driving electronics. Each aperture provides an independent reference output allowing simultaneous dual frequency operation (10:1 ratio) for dual-path experiments. Frequency control is by a precision internal oscillator set by a 4-digit push-button selector on the unit or by the application of an external AC reference signal. The unit is powered via an external line power supply module.

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