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Automatic Glassware Washer – GMP Washer

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GMP washers – Poseidon1200

Siemens S7-1200control system with 7 inch full color touch screen, including 30 standard procedures and 120 self-defined procedures. The cleaning program can be programmed according to user needs and cycle phase、temperature、cleaning agent dosage、inlet water source and other key process parameters also can be programmed. Once a cycle starts to run, the programmed cycle parameter values will be locked and cannot be changed until the cycle is completed.

The control system also includes a service mode: preventive maintenance、find and solve the fault, equipped with a service diagnostic program, which can perform system detect and review of the components.

AISI316L is used to manufacture circulating water pumps,the pump casing and impeller are polished to reach a smoothness of Ra≤0.6μm, eliminating residual chemical substances;

The circulation pipeline is equipped with a pressure monitoring system, and the screen displays the pressure of the cleaning spray in real time; when the cleaning water pressure is abnormal, the operation of the circulating pump is suspended.

The spray arm rotation speed sensor monitors the cleaning status in real time during the whole process, if there is an abnormality in the spray cleaning, the machine will stop working and wait for confirmation.
Compression fan drying system and dry air reaches the inside of the utensils directly through the basket

Technical parameter

Simen S7-1200 PLC Control System

7 inch full color touch screen

10 standard procedures and 10 self-defined procedures

Chamber material: 316 stainless steel

Shell material: 304 stainless steel

Pipe material: 316 stainless steel+pharmaceutical silicone

Circulating water volume:800L/min

Cleaning data save with U Disk

Audit trail: U Disk

Printer:RS232 interface

Circulating pump with soft start

Pipeline pressure sensor displayed in screen

Three level authority management

LIMS connect: Support handshake protocol

Cleaning agent chamber:6kg/bucket*2

Alarm for lack of cleaning agent

Cleaning temperature:25-93℃

Drying temperature:25-120℃

Drying fan power:700W/Fan

Hot air heating power:6000W

Hot air circulation:290m3/h

Chamber volume:1210L

Inner Dimensions:1100mm(L)*1100mm(W)*1000mm(H)

External Dimensions:1761mm(L)*1212mm(W)*1980mm(H)

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