Powteq Instrument is a fast growing company for milling & sieving solution provider for bio/material research & sample preparation for analysis.
In order to constantly improve the company’s management system and the tireless pursuit of product quality, the company obtained ISO9001 quality certificate by SGS in 2015 and all the export products have reached CE international safety standards.

Size reduction from cm to sub micron milling solution with solution system with Jaw Crusher, Cutter Mill, Planetary Ball Mill, Vibration Mill, Sieve Shaker & etc


Application Area

  • Crushing
  • Planetary Ball Mill
  • Cutter Mill
  • Mixing
  • Sieving &  Divider


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Jaw crusher (Model JC Series) is an instrument suitable for the preparation of laboratory solid samples. It is suitable for rapid and moderate coarse crushing and pre-pulverization of hard, hard, brittle and hard and tough materials, such as treatment of hard ore, cores, rocks, alloys, slag, soil, ceramics.

Cutting Mill (Model CM Series) is used to cutting/grinding of soft, medium hard, fibrous samples & elastic samples.

Vibratory Disc Mill (VM Series) is mainly used for sample preparation of spectral analysis. The device is especially suitable for fast medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials to analytical fineness grinding without loss.

The Motorised Mortar & Pestle can be used to mix or grind samples of hard, soft, brittle or pasty properties. The samples can be dry, wet or frozen. Suitable for typical samples such as: soil, pills, grains, glass, chemicals, food, silicate, biological tissue, yeast cells and other materials

High-performance ball mill can be in a short time to sample the sample to the nano-level, the instrument is suitable for soft, medium hard, very hard, brittle samples of grinding (dry or wet grinding) and mixed treatment, and to ensure that the grinding results repeatability. Commonly used in physical and chemical analysis before processing, colloid grinding, new materials and mechanical alloy preparation and so on.

The vibration-type ball mill is commonly used to handle mill, grind & mix a small amount quantities of samples, such as plants, animal tissue cells in various condition; Dry, wet grinding or frozen grinding.

The sieve shaker  is designed for batch or continuous sieving of medium, hard, hard- brittle, tough and soft materials.

The sample divider homogenizer divides accurately an entire batch of sample into an average fraction of 6,8,10 division.

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